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 Points and Coupons

1. What your points can do?

(1). Points can be used to redeem coupon code, and with coupon code, you can pay less for your order.

(2). Points can be used to redeem gifts which will be sent with your order.

2. How to get more points?

Members can win points by logging in, reviewing product, placing order or reviewing order on Elegomall website and app.The details are:

(1). Log in: 5 points for every day logging. When you log in, click "My Points", there will be a notification says you have get 5 points.

(2). Review product: 20 points for each approved review of any product. Fill in your name and your review on product review page, you can win 20 points easily.
(3). Place order: points equal to the rounded order amount. For example, if you place an order which is $500, you will have 500 points when the order status becomes "Complete"

(4). Review order: 30 points for each approved review of products in your last order.

When the status is "processing" or "pending", you can not review the order;
When the status is "Complete", you can click "Review" to write your own review about the order.;


3. How to redeem coupon code and free gift by points?

 Log in your account, click "My Points" on the left side to check your current points. Click "Redeem Coupons" to redeem coupon code or click "Redeem Gifts" to redeem gifts.