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 1. Why create your own account?

     (1) Place your order. You can choose wholesale account or vape user account when registering.

     (2) Collect reward points to redeem coupons.

     (3) Save multiple addresses in your address book.

     (4) Check and track your order status.

     (5) Write product reviews and rate other reviews.


 2. How to create an account?

     It is very easy and fast to create your own account, just 3 steps:

     Click “ Register”  >  Fullfill infromation  >  Click “ Sign up” button

     (1) Click "Register" above the "Elegomall" logo or move the mouse to the person avatar then you will see the registration entry:


      (2) Fullfill the information in the registration page. If you are a wholesaler, please choose business option, then you can see our wholesale price after logging in.


      (3) Click “Sign up” button. If you have completed this step, congratulate that you have become a member of Elegomall 

       If you are using mobile phone, you can enter the registration page in 2 places as the picture shown below.


 3. What can you do in your account?

      (1) My Dashboard: You can check your account level, total points and the contact information of your sales rep.


     (2) My Order: You can see your order history and check the status of your orders. 

      ① If your order was canceled, you can add the items to shopping cart again by clicking “Reorder”. 


     ② If you forget to make payment at the checkout page, you can find the order in your account and click “PAY NOW” button to finish the payment. 


     (3) My Package: You can check the tracking information of your orders.


     (4) Unshipped List: If your order has been shipped partially, then you can check what products are unshipped here.


     (5) Purchase History: You can check all the items you have purchased. The products are sorted into different categories for your convenience.


     (6) Order Feedback: You can check all your feedback on the orders received.



     (7) Order Feedback: You can check all the notes that you have left in your orders.


     (8) Arrival Notice: You can check the status of the products for which you have requested an arrival notice.


     (9) Product Review: you can check your reviews history on products. 


     (10) My Points: You can check your total points and point reward history. 


    (11) My Coupons: You can check the status of your coupons.


    (12) My Gifts: You can check the gifts that you redeemed with points. (This function is disabled at present)    

    (13) Account Information: You can reedit your account information and change the password. And you can also check the information of your sales rep here. Besides, you can choose to subscribe our newsletter or not.


    (14) Address Book: You can manage your shipping address. And you can add more than one shipping address so that you can quickly choose the right one at the checkout page, no need to fill in again.


  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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