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ElegoMall OEM Service

Aug 22, 2020

Starting from the year of 2011, Elego has become the biggest franchised supplier for electronic cigarettes in China with millions of customers all around the world. We aimed to enable to become to biggest electronic cigarettes platform which enable customers to enjoy and share the the newest products and the newest industry information.

Why Choose Us

With the high quality manufacturing facilities and the professional R&D team, we can provide all the service that OEM needs. If you want to find a trustworthy business partner, Elego is the best choice. Welcome to cooperate with us!

How to OEM

The OEM Flowchart is as below for your reference. For any questions, feel free to contact your sales representatives or email us via: 

[email protected]

OEM Products On ElegoMall

We support:

● Customize Flavor

● Customize Color

● Customize Package

● Customize Logo


For more service and more OEM products feel free to contact us!

Contact Us

Want to learn more? For any questions and inquiries feel free contact your sales representatives or email us via: [email protected].

You can also contact us by our online chat service. Click the button on the lower right side to chat with us, we are always here waiting for you.

Note: In order to know your requirements clearly, please send us your drafts or requirement documents firstly. All files are needed for custom logo. Thank you!


Jan 30, 2022

Good morning, I would like to request a price order for 50,000 pieces for CH2


Jul 4, 2021

hi im interest with taking bulk order and OEM . how much was MOQ ??

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