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Vbar Pod Review - Your Best Disposable Pod Alternative

Jan 13, 2021

Disposable pod kits are getting more and more popular recently, but some voice are emerged like they are not eco-friendly and not cost-effective. Is there any items that can solve this problem? Now here comes Vbar Pod from a new vape brand Vbar!

If you are just interested in some disposable vape pod but worried about the problems above, then it’s time to give this Vbar a try. Today let’s take a closer look at this beautiful little kit.


There are 8 flavors of cartridge to let your enjoy different flavors. So you just need to change the Vbar cartridge to get a new pod kit without throw out the whole kit like the disposable pod!


Not like all the disposable kit in the market, Vbar pod come with 500mAh battery with type-c charging. So it can let you recharging the kit without throw out the whole kit when it out of power.

Notice: the charging cable is not included in package.

Cost-effective & Eco-friendly

The price that you buy one disposable kit is nearly equal to 3 Vbar cartridges, so when you got a Vbar pod kit, what you need to is to change the cartridge to enjoy more and different flavors.

Main Features:

1. 2.7ml pre-filled cartridge with 8 flavors & 50/20mg nicotine for your option

2. Anti-condensation design, steady airflow & pure flavor

3. Oil storage cotton in the cartridge to prevent leakage

4. 500mAh built-in battery, support recharging

5. Portable & exquisite & light, with various colors

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Vbar Pod

Disposable Pod

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