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Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime Review - Magic Decorative Panels

Nov 9, 2020

New version of Caliburn KOKO, Uwell KOKO Prime is more beautiful than ever! Released follow by the new version of Caliburn, Caluburn G, those 2 new versions are using the same Caliburn G cartridge and coils, making those 2 pod kits are all cost-effective to use!

Like Caliburn G, KOKO Prime also got two different airflow when the pod is installed in different directions. That’s a obvious improvement from the former Caliburn and KOKO kit.

Like the former Caliburn KOKO kit, it also got a lanyard included to free your hands and convenient to carry. 

Remember another pod kit we reviewed before? Voopoo Argus Pod Mod kit and Argus Pro Pod Mod kit, they got an exclusive hook on their mod is also in order to let customers to use it with a landyard to free their hands and enjoy outdoor vaping. (but landyard is not available for those 2 pod mod kits form Voopoo)

Now here comes my favorite part, the decorative panels of KOKO Prime. The panels are magic so you can change it according to your needs. There are 6 colors of beautiful Caliburn KOKO PRIME panels, it’s time to change the cloths of your KOKO Prime kit.

And if you do not like those panes and more prefer to some simple color, you can take the panel off, this KOKO Prime kit is still pretty in your hands!

Then how about battery capacity? Yes we know the former Caliburn and KOKO kit are using 520mAh built-in battery which is not that good for lots of vapers, this time Uwell improved that, the new Caliburn G and Caliburn KOKO Prime are all powered by 690mAh battery. For KOKO Prime kit, it come with 1.0Ω coils, so that can enjoy a long lasting better vaping experience this time.

When it come to flavor, Uwell is always the king! After our real try just one sentence: better than before!

Caliburn KOKO Prime vs Caliburn KOKO

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Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime

Uwell Caliburn G

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