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Suorin Ace Review - Improved Smooth Airflow

Sep 15, 2020

With square shaped outline, the new released Ace Pod from Suorin looks quite similar like it’s Air series. While this Ace kit is smaller and more stylish this time. 

In addition, talking about the Suorin Air seires, the Suorin Air UL kit has already submitted the PMTA application, so it’s 100% available on US market. Want to know more about PMTA, check this PMTA Vape kits on ElegoMall.

Ok, back to our new and beautiful Ace kit, let’s check it out now!

What You Can Get From Suorin Ace?

1 x Suorin Ace Kit

1 x Suorin Ace Cartridge

1 x Type-C Cable 

1 x User Manual

Suorin Ace features compact & durable & light body which is made of ZincAlloy + PC material. 

It has a 2ml cartridge with new airflow & hanging condensing design and a 1000mAh built-in battery which can provide 15W max output power, which can meet your daily vaping needs.

Then, the device is 100% compatible with Suorin Shine cartridge. So that you can easily switch from different device while enjoying the same original pure flavor. 

Last but not least, compare to Suorin Shine cartridge this Ace cartridge has improved in many ways like below, we know there is a complain about the leaking of Suorin Shine cartridge, but this time, the new Ace cartridge will greatly reduce the probability of leaking.

1. Optimized shape of mouthpiece for more comfortable vape experience.

2. Increase air space at the bottom to improve e-liquid leakage and enhance sensitivity.

3. Change the intake direction from side to bottom for increasing the air flow smoothness.

4. Optimize the airway, enhance the sense of throat strike, and make the air flow more smooth.

5. Hanging condensing design to reduce condensation inhaling.

6. Improve the distance between outer and cartridge inner wall for increasing the Siphon effect for absorbing e-liquid more effectively

7. Increase the e-liquid passing space and make the e-liquid flow more efficient.

And of course this Ace Cartridge is also compatible with Suorin Shine Kit.

Main Features:

1. 2ml Cartridge with new airflow & hanging condensing design

2. 100% compatible with Suorin Shine cartridge

3. 1000mAh built-in battery, max output power 15W

4. ZincAlloy + PC material, compact & durable & light

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Suorin Ace Pod

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