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Buy OneVape Airmod 60 Kit Get FREE Leather Case & FREE Tank

Jun 11, 2020

ElegoMall has partnered with OneVape to launch a big sales of the highly recommended AirMOD60 kit to thank all our customers for your support and trust. Join us now to get your FREE OneVape AirMOD60 Leather Case (including extra FREE AirMOD60 Tank)! 

Promotion Time:  

9th. June, 2020 - 30th. June, 2020 (GMT+8)

Promotion Details:

1.Order between 9th - 16th. June (GMT+8)

Buy OneVape AirMOD Kits up to 100pcs get 100 FREE Leather Cases (including 100 FREE AirMOD Tanks).

2.Order between:17th - 23th. June (GMT+8)

Buy OneVape AirMOD Kits up to 100pcs get 50 FREE Leather Cases (including 50 FREE AirMOD Tanks).

3. Order between 24th - 30th. June  (GMT+8)

Buy OneVape AirMOD Kits up to 100pcs get 10 FREE Leather Cases (including10 FREE AirMOD Tanks).


1. To join this promotion,the MOQ of AirMod60 kit is 100pcs.

2. There is no upper limited of FREE Leather Cases and Tanks, buy more to get more! 

3. Time is limited, buy earlier to get more FREE Leather Cases and Tanks!

4. Unpaid orders will lose your first choice, do not forget paying!

5. Your Free 1 Leather Case and 1 Tank are in one package.


Onevape Airmod60

What’s more? OneVape AirMOD Kit released two new limited colors for June, Only 2000pcs at June, Wanna know the best price? Login on Elegomall to check out now! 

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