With a higher vibration frequency and new liquid supply system, Usonicig ZIP produces smaller aerosol particles, leads you to a pure flovourful journey, exceeding your expectations on nic-salts enjoyment. No coil, never burnt.

$34.99 $34.99

USONICIG Rhythm UltraSonic Vape Kit Lite Edition adopts the advanced UltraSonic technology of Ultra-high frequency ceramic vibration. It adopts excellent pod system for nic salts & CBD. Nicotine salts can be well maintained and delivered in unbroken form.

$50.00 $50.00

USONICIG Rhythm UltraSonic Vaping Kit adopts the advanced UltraSonic technology that will bring the purest and healthy experience. It can bring more efficient nicotine salt delivery.

$71.90 $71.90
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