Lost Vape Drone BF DNA250C is a powerful squonk mod that includes a 8ml e-juice bottle. The mod supports Replay mode to provide the same level of performance which is setting by yourself in last time.

$139.00 $139.00
Partially Pre-order

Lost Vape Triade DNA250C Mod 300W

Lost Vape Triade DNA250C Mod is a triple 18650 mod with 300W max output. Lost Vape Triade DNA250C adopts the Evolv DNA250C Color Board, supporting Watt Boost Mode, Preheat, Replay, Cell Monitoring and Balance Charging. And it's equipped with 0.9" display.

$149.00 $149.00

Lost Vape Furyan Mechanical Squonker Mod designed with the transparent PEI appearance, you can easy to see the structure clearly. Compatible with the single 18650, 20700 and 21700 battery, it will provide the enough power.

$89.00 $89.00

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Box Mod is upgraded from the Paranormal DNA166, which has the Evolv's highly advanced DNA250C chipset. It features the excellent function that is called REPLAY mode which allows vapers to select, save, and replay their flavor.

$149.00 $149.00

Lost Vape Mirage DNA75C Mod is designed and manufactured by Lost Vape LTD.. It can compatible with the single high drain 18650, 20700, 21700 battery that fire up to Max 100W. Featuring the lost vape DNA75C inner chip, it boost the power function.

$130.90 $130.90

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 166 Box Mod is featured with die-cast zinc alloy body stainless steel faceplate and buttons. Equipped with dual 18650 batteries, it is guaranteed to ensure the need of an all day long wearing and the prime performance of the board

$144.90 $144.90

The Lost Vape Therion BF Squonker DNA75 Mod is one of the most efficiently designed output devices with onboard programmable multicolor LED, the performance capability of Evolv's DNA75 intelligent chipset.

$139.00 $139.00

The Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 75C Mod, is the device that reflects the spirit of creativity of Lost Vape. It follows a classic design examples, combined with exotic materials for that very exquisite look.

$192.00 $192.00

The Lost Vape Therion DNA75C TC Box Mod comes with 2 *18650 battery capacity. It features full color TFT screen and customizable user interface. There have best price for vape users.

$186.00 $186.00

Coral DNA60 is the smallest device of all of the lost vape products so far. The design of the coral dna60 is focused on the concept of concise beauty which makes it outstanding than other previous lost vape devices.

$142.00 $142.00

Lost Vape Drone BF Squonker DNA166 Mod which comes with dual 18650s in series mod that features with a customized 11 ml juice bottle. Dial in your perfect vape with over 93 options using Evolv's Escribe software.

$159.00 $159.00

Lost Vape Drone BF Kit is compact DNA 166 Mod with Malstrom V2 tank, which comes with dual 18650s in series mod that features with a customized 11 ml juice bottle. Best price for vape users.

$175.00 $175.00
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