Ovns JC02 1ml Cartridge is specially designed for the kit. The round dip tip and semi transparent material makes this cartridge more unique and feasible. It supports ceramic coil of 1.2ohm. It has 4pcs in a pack.

$15.60 $15.60

Ovns Duo Replacement Pod Cartridge is designed for the Ovns Duo Dual Pod System Kit and it is also compatible with Ovns Cookie Kit. It can hold 2ml e-liquid and 2.0ohm resistance available. The pod cartridge is very convenient to replace. 2pcs in a pack.

$6.90 $6.90

OVNS SC420 pod cartridge is designed for SC420 Pod kit. It is made of environmental PEI material, which brings healthier vaping experience. It uses 1.4ohm Ceramic coil for pure taste and environmental vaping cloud.

$8.39 $8.39

OVNS JC01 Pod Cartridge is compatible with JC01 battery and JUL battery. The JC01 Ceramic Pod uses Ceramic coil and it can hold 0.7ml liquid, support 1.5ohm resistance. The JC01 E-liquid Pod has the same capacity as the Ceramic Pod, supports 1.8ohm.

$5.50 $5.50

OVNS Lancer Pod Cartridge for Lancer Kit is a 1.6ml pod cartridge with 1.3ohm coil resistance. It uses the ceramic coil to provide healthier and purer vaping. This disposable and easy-to-replace pod will simplify your vaping.

$20.00 $20.00

OVNS Quill Replacement Coil with 1.0ohm coil head is specially designed for the Quill pod. With this BVC coil head, Quill Pod can deliver outstanding Mouth-to-Lung vaping. 5pcs in a pack.

$12.50 $12.50

OVNS Quill Replacement Pod is a 1.5ml cartridge for MTL vaping. Specially designed for Quill Kit, Quill Pod adopts creative separation design to extend the life span of the coil and ensure pure taste. And the special leaking-free design reduces your worry

$12.50 $12.50
Partially Pre-order

Justfog Minifit Replacement Pod

Justfog Minifit Pod is refillable cartridge perfectly-suited for Justfog Minifit Kit. With built-in coil, vapors just simply replace the pod and enjoy vaping. Justfog Minifit Pod provides easy vaping for you!

$7.90 $7.90
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