So finally, the August 8th was there and the FDA’s new rule became real, the following questions and answers may help you to know clearly how it will influence your business and why you can still place order from our website and receive it.

1. What is covered under this FDA’s new vaping rule?

(1). No more new products
After August 8, 2016, manufacturers are not only prohibited from releasing new flavors, devices, coils, etc.

(2). No sales to those under 18
Actually this is already the law in 48 states of USA, but the FDA’s rule added a new requirement — anyone appearing under the age of 27 must present photo identification.

(3). Age verification for online sales
The FDA has announced its intention to conduct youth access checks on not only brick-and-mortar retailers, but also online retailers. It is critical that online retailers if they have integrated into their website or shop an adequate age verification platform.

(4). No modification of products
In the FDA’s view, connecting a tank to a battery, screwing in a coil, filling a tank with e-liquid, etc. these acts can no longer be performed by retailers when they try to educate new customers because they constitute “manufacturing.” Retailers can continue to educate consumers on how to use the products, but it appears that employees cannot physically manipulate any product that is being sold.

(5). No free samples
Starting August 8, 2016, this will no longer be allowed unless the customer is charged a fee. This rule applies even if the environment is age-restricted. Additionally, FDA appears to believe that even free sampling of zero-nicotine products is not allowed.

To all people in the vape industry, no matter you are a seller or vaper from USA, please take action to fight against the FDA’s rule for your right to vape.


2. Can you still place your order and ship to USA?

The answer is YES. After August 8th , Elegomall has shipped about 120 orders to USA by UPS and DHL till today (August 13th ). A few orders has been checked by FDA when passing the USA customer, while the good news is, no orders has been blocked or rejected, and it takes only 1-2 days for the checking. All orders has passed the custom, and arrived safely.



The source article of the FDA's law on vaping industry: